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      Listing-Agent.com Web hosting for real people.

      Take Control of your real estate web site

      Manage your web site from your browser.

      Update your web site at any time of the day or night. Add new listings in a matter of minutes.


      Edit the content on your web pages and upload images directly from your browser.

      Cost Effective

      Choose from the standard designs and eliminate web design fees.


      Incorporate additional pages. Customize for a completely unique look.

      Listing-Agent.com provides web hosting, listing database management and content management for real estate web sites.

      Listing and content management is accomplished through the use of the Listing Agent™ Online Listing Management System, a web-based content management system designed specifically for real estate web sites.

      Currently, Listing-Agent.com features two standard designs.

      Each includes home, community, about, links, sitemap, listing summary and listing details pages. Contact and information request forms, both static and dynamic, are also included as well as interactive maps with driving directions.

      Examples of both designs may be found on the demos page.

      To add interest to your web site, six listing layouts are included with the standard designs - two slide shows (left and right) and four two-page layouts.

      Each layout is carefully designed to automatically adjust under a wide range of conditions providing you with maximum flexibility in the appearance of your listings.

      In addition, web designers are available to customize the standard designs or provide you with a completely unique design.

      Get the details!
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